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Jabali Furniture – How to Tell Good Quality Leather Furniture

We have a team of experts to offer advice on the best combination of furniture to suit your needs and budget.Be it a combination of colours or just one elegant look we got you covered.We also have designers who advice, build and fit, from an empty room and transform it to an exquisite piece of art!

1.Decide the type of furniture you want, size, shape, theme and material.

2.Consider top grain or split hide. Top grain is the highest quality because it is made with the best outer layer and is more durable and better looking. Split hides are multiple layers of lower grade hides pressed together, which makes them less valuable as they are prone to wear more quickly than top grain.

3.Use full leather or a leather match. A full leather piece is the best choice because it is made with leather only. A leather match will have leather on the front areas of the piece and have a matching synthetic fabric on other less visible areas, decreasing the value.

4.Weigh comfort versus durability, style versus size. 5.Hold costs down by ‘I have closed the chapter’ attitude don’t buy the cheapest of the line only to reinvest later do it once and for all its cheaper long run this way.


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